March e-Bulletin

Issue 2

Welcome to the second edition of this e-bulletin, updating you on development of the Essex LSIP. Further information is available on our website and you can also email us at This update includes general skills news, so please get in touch if you have any to share.


Essex Chambers of Commerce progressing delivery of the LSIP


The Essex Chambers of Commerce have been hosting a range of employer and provider events to discuss skills and employability priorities. Some interesting feedback is emerging, including a need to support delivery of applied basic skills and soft, employer ready skills such as communication and presentation. A need has also been highlighted for digital skills, effective information, advice and guidance which is easy to access and more flexible funding. Attendees reflected on the current tutor shortages and a need to ensure we are keeping pace with new ways of working. Finally, there is a need for employers and employees to “meet in the middle” and use their skills to support each other more effectively. With inclusivity becoming more important to potential recruits and customers alike, this could be key. More detail will follow as discussions progress.

LSIP Board meetings are held regularly, and the board will oversee the production of the LSIP to ensure a clear, action-focussed report which supports employers and providers to ensure Essex has the skills needed. You can view the Terms of ReferenceMembership and latest Minutes here.


LSIP employer Survey – Thank you!


Thank you to all employers who completed the survey, the response rate has been excellent. The results will help to inform the development of the LSIP and priorities. Key findings from the survey will be shared soon.

It’s not too late to contact us. There is an enquiry form for those who are keen to get involved. Please click here to complete and return it to us. This will let us know if you are keen to attend future engagement events, take part in discussions, or receive our regular e-bulletin.


Sector facts and figures

As part of the LSIP, we are developing an evidence base and data annex that will contain a wealth of employability data including employment data, projected growth and vacancies. Alongside engagement, this will help us establish a clear picture of Essex’s priorities now and in the future and where the gaps are. That data will be available as part of the LSIP.

In the meantime, we are sharing snapshots of the findings we are gathering here. With health and social care, a priority sector in Essex, we have shared some interesting facts here. We will develop more as work progresses.


Sector Spotlight – Health and Social Care


Health Care

The health care sector within the Essex region is substantial. The health care sector brings £2.1billion GVA into the economy. There are 59,269 jobs within this sector, and the minimum wage is £28,896 across the region.

The top 5 occupations within this sector are nurses, nursing auxiliaries and assistants, medical practitioners, receptionists and other administration support. This area has seen growth of jobs in all sectors other than paramedics which has seen a very small decline.


Social Care

Social care within the region is extensive, there are 46,476 jobs within this sector, 19% above the national average. The minimum wage sits just below the national average at £18,803.

The top occupations within this sector are care workers and home carers, nursery nurses and assistants, welfare and housing associate professionals, senior care workers and other administration support. This sector has seen a lot of growth notably in nursery nurses and childminder services.


Partner updates and related news


Greater Essex Careers Hub – Teacher Encounters
The Careers Hub have been awarded funding to offer work-place visits to Teachers. Teachers are one of the biggest influencers on young people in terms of future decisions, so this is an exciting opportunity to encourage interest in your business. The Careers Hub are looking for employers to offer one day workplace visits to teachers from schools and colleges across Essex in May-July 2023. You can find out more at Teacher Encounters or you can e-mail the Careers Hub directly.


Essex Skills Plan and Careers Magazine now published!
The Essex Skills Plan was recently published and sets out a shared vision and priorities across key stakeholders in Essex. The plan also sets out future growth and priority sectors and proposes a range of actions. One of the issues the plan highlights is a lack of awareness of the opportunities on offer through key sectors locally and range of support on offer. This has led to the development of an Essex Careers magazine, which has now launched. This will be a quarterly publication, for all ages and available via the Essex Opportunities portal. The magazine incudes sector insights, geographical spotlights and signposting for support and further information. The first edition is available to view at


Southend and Thurrock also have skills plans/strategies being finalised which will feed into the LSIP, along with the Essex Skills Plan.


Retrofit Training
Retrofit Training will be offered from Levels 2 – 5 in courses delivered by Adult Community Learning (ACL) in partnership with the Retrofit Academy. You can find out more here.


Inclusive Employers Event
The Essex Inclusive Employment Network are hosting an event on 30th March 2023 to help Essex employers in the first steps to ensuring they are fully inclusive. Essex County Council’s Targeted Employment Team are supporting with the event to help employers to explore how they can have a fully representative workforce, recruit good quality, loyal staff and most importantly, support the 5.1% of the population who have Learning Disabilities or Autism into employment. You can access event details here.

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